Welcome to this site.

I’m interested in systems, foundations, structures, numbers, patterns, questions. What does it mean to be human, to have life, to be a fractal particle of the vastness of life – matter, sensation, thought and spirit. How does life (individual, species, all life) learn, change, adapt?

Herein are expressions of encounters with — and stumblings upon — ideas about systems, numbers, shapes and patterns. Also comments on influences on my evolution during this lifetime.

Other Web Presence: The site solvt.com is one I created, again using WordPress, to put forth a professional face beyond the Solbakken Technology Partners web site through which my wife and I present our business.

My Work Life: Since moving to Vermont in 1998, most of my work has been other than as an employee. Almost since moving here, I have worked part-time for various small rural schools. I’ve put lots of educational links at a wordpress.com site. I’d be interested in talking about how to make education more self-directed, more intensely focused. I’ve also created a variety of databases (using Microsoft Access) and web sites for local businesses.

I’ve done some work with Richard Knowles’ Process Enneagram. He writes about it and his experience that led to using this variant of the Enneagram in his book, The Leadership Dance: Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness. Richard has articles on the Process Enneagram on an older version of one of his sites, the Center for Self Organizing Leadership. Another of his sites is for Richard N. Knowles & Associates.