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Even though I’m relatively adept in social situations, I have Asperger-like characteristics. I tend to take things literally, and love to explore the underlying structure of my world. Over the years I’ve explored extensively the ideas of Bucky Fuller (Synergetics), Stafford Beer (Viable System Model), and John G. Bennett (Systematics), among others.

Various spiritual/self-development traditions have been part of my life. I believe our life is a gift, and our implicit task in this life is to find a way to use our being and circumstance as best we can — to grow (in understanding, kindness, wisdom, …), to keep growing, to make the world a better place for all the sentience that surrounds and permeates us.

I’ve found help in “working on self” in a variety of traditions beyond the Christian tradition in which I was raised. These include Hindu (chakras as a model for levels of human consciousness, various branches of yoga, ayurveda, and more), Sufi, and Buddhist traditions, and the “Bennett branch” of what Gurdjieff brought forth.

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