Setting up this site was mind-boggling-ly easy!

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My thanks to Nick (, for pointing me towards Word Press. Getting this site up and running was a breeze, with the help of web host I told bluehost I wanted to “apply” Word Press to, and in minutes, the site was ready to go. I’m absolutely amazed how easy it was. I’ve edited this paragraph a few times, re-posted, and re-loaded the web page to see the update. And I’m doing all this on a slow dial-up connection! So different from using godaddy’s site (yawn) to redirect dns for systalk.

The interface for administering the site is clear and easy. If Web Press is indicative of where the web is going, I think it’s ready for yet more magnitudes of change – a lot more people will be using the web for a lot more purposes, as a tool for expression as well as a source of information. I’m using and administering my own web site, not relying on Facebook or some other corporate medium.