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So I’m new to a blog. What sort of engagement does it fit?

I live in rural Vermont – moved here a dozen years ago and settled in. I earn a living largely through providing tech skills to local schools and businesses. I’m interested in yoga & related knowledge (ayurveda, nad & swar yoga, tantra, &c), Sufi & Buddhist traditions, and other spirit-traditions.

I initially created this site to hold conversations around Systematics, other systems-related topics, and some mathematical ideas that hold my interest.

Thanks to Tony Blake and a s/core of fellow-seekers, there have been ongoing, though perhaps intermittent, conversations (via deeper-d and earlier online groups) of great interest, generally on topics flowing from the work of John Bennett, particularly Systematics. See web sites and for more on Tony’s work. For more general information on Systematics, see

I met Richard Knowles through the above interests. His book _The Leadership Dance: Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness_ uses the enneagram (9-termed system) in a unique way that I consider to hold great value.

I’ve read much of what Stafford Beer wrote on the “viable system”. The recursiveness of systems in his model intrigues me. That is, the low-level components of a system are themselves (in their own smaller scope) systems. I’ve not found many interested in discussing Beer’s ideas, but would like to.

Reminder to self: put together some words on Bennett and how his ideas have found traction in corporate USA. Sigurd Sr. worked in Organizational Development for DuPont for decades, and shared that experience – the ideas & how they were conveyed & used – with his first child.

I’m going to tag this note with “UniS” – name of a group precursor to deeper_d that I prefer for moniker.

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  1. sigurd

    A comic about the history of mathematics – looks interesting. Those interested in such works might find Neal Stephenson’s “Baroque Cycle” – a series of 3 historical novels – of interest. Key characters include Newton and Leibniz. There’s a wikipedia entry on these novels.

  2. sigurd

    Not quite sure how the last fits in – SNARC stands for “Spatial Numerical Association of Response Codes” and measures difference in left-hand vs. right-hand response times to small (1, 2, 3, 4) vs. large (6, 7, 8, 9) numbers, which varies depending on whether one’s primary language is written left-to-right or vice-versa.