This blog is an unintended consequence

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I started this blog not intending to put out some thoughts this way. Nick suggested Word Press as a CMS – content management system for a new web site. My eyes were opened to a whole new way of laying the initial structure onto a web site. Looking into what else could serve as a starting point for a web site, two other CMS programs stand out – Joomla and Drupal. As is Word Press, both are open source.

The CMS is a way to manage content over time. It also provides a base onto which a cornucopia of individual functions can be layered – blogs, bulletin boards, shopping carts, and so on. The work is in getting to know how a particular set of tools works, get to know it in detail, find its stumbly-corners, its strengths. Figure out all the tweaks (settings), what function each provides. Because I’m interested in building web sites, that investment in time and mental energy pays off for the next web site, and the one after that.

I didn’t know that a wellspring of ideas wanting to bubble out would spring forth. So I now have two tasks in “producing” this event called a blog, or web site, or in general, “web presence.” One is getting to know the controls. The other is deciding what to put out there, adding content.

As I write this, I’m realizing that it can be a tool for me to structure whatever’s on my mind, [for instance, going back and putting this paragraph in first person] by putting it out there for anyone to read. What am I thinking about? On what topics would I be interested in engaging in a discussion with another? How do I introduce (mathematical and other) ideas to others that are new to them, how do I share my sense that such ideas may help an interested observer/participant figure out “what’s going on” in our physical, mental and psychic/feeling worlds?

So, less than a week into it, I’ll see where this unintended experiment takes me.