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In my last post I described N-Grams as “a collection of diagrams formed using the same mathematical / diagrammatic rules / conventions as the Enneagram, but applied to varying number bases and divisors.” Here are the N-Grams for base ten … Continued

Balanced Base 3

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The original contents of this post were used as a draft for that now has its own page on this site. I’m keeping this post here to allow comments and discussion by others. In brief, ternary (base 3) numbers are … Continued

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[This post is (eventually: was) from .] N-Grams are derived from the mathematical and graphical properties of the enneagram. The enneagram is a “paired” N-Gram, that is, composed of two “atomic” N-Grams which complement each other. (A pair of … Continued

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[ What’s below is from old web content about N-Grams. To conserve the old content, I’m going to move it to a few posts here. This post is (eventually: was) from .] N-Grams is my term for a geometric … Continued