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J.G. Bennett was one of my father’s “gurus” – not in person, but through the ideas passed along through mentors. I’ve also learned much from him via books and people who have worked with him or studied his ideas. Concern … Continued


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I understand the Chakras to be a sort of multi-level skeleton for consciousness intertwining with our physical, emotional (astral) and mental (causal) bodies. Traditions I have studied use the word “bodies” to describe our connections to these realms of human … Continued

Al hamdu lillAh

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Thanks be to God. I’ve shared time with Sufis. Sufism is normally ascribed to Islam. However, Sufis tend to avoid rigidity, which leads to them being unwelcome in some Islamic circles. That same acceptance of diversity can sometimes be found … Continued


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For me, a word, no matter what word, Can only be an approximation of that which the word is intended to signify/indicate. Language can attempt to express shared understandings among language-users, but can only be a message to describe something … Continued