In India and other nearby countries, many people use a lunar month of 30 days that starts and ends with each new moon. I have helped calculate such a calendar for many decades, this version includes information used to determine whether one’s breath matches the naturally-occurring open nostril at sunrise, based on tithi, the lunar day.
For 2017, I have created PDF files that,
when printed portrait orientation, double-sided, “flip pages up”, on 8.5″x11″ or A4 paper,
then folded in half and stapled, become a booklet.
Using heaver stock for pages 1-2 can give you a better result. Also, the only color is on page 1. The outside back cover has a Sri Yantra that will look much better in color.

I am creating this page in order to share my work with others. I have created custom calendars for multiple locations, mostly in the Eastern United States. The following are some of the locations for which I’ve produced a 2017 calendar: